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Simple Payments Pvt Ltd is a Fintech company based out of Bengaluru, primarily digitising the campus solutions.

We have expertise in providing a customised payment solution in various segments like Corporates, Educational, Health Care, Retail Sector and Hospitality. Our transactions are offline in nature with limited dependency on Network. We automate payment services through contactless cards which can be integrated on the Smart Card with multiple features.

  • Our vision

    To transform campus-based segments not served by the current payment systems into becoming a part of digitally empowered society. Going digital is the new age India.

Key Features

Our services enable end users to accomplish more in less time. With a robust and intuitive user interface, the users can access their daily spend.

Offline Solution

It doesn’t need internet connectivity for each transaction. Connectivity is required only for day closing and settlement.

Extremely Fast Transactions

Faster than all conventional methods and phone payments <8 seconds for transaction approval.

End to End Customized Support

Provided with a complete solution that includes hardware, software, a web portal to access reports, and backend customer service

Minimal capital investment

Onetime implementation and card cost and a small monthly services fee

Multiple Controls

ID cards, Access control, Attendance management & Library management can be programmed on the Smart cards.

Customised Solutions

Provides customized solutions based on the client requirements.

Monthly MIS Reports

Generation of automated periodic reports.

Back-end Support

Card Loading, Activation/De-activation of Cards, Card Replacement and much more


We, at Simple Payments provide customized cafeteria automated solutions with multiple options on Android based POS Machines. Our services enable end users to accomplish more in less time. With a robust and intuitive user interface, the users can access their daily spend

POS Solution

Specified amount will be entered and counter-slip will be generated

Mess Application

Fixed meal amount will be set on the POS Machine

Meal-type Solution

Type of Meal and the Count can be generated

Item-wise Menu integration

Customized menu with price can be integrated


We have observed, that most organizations today no matter how technologically advanced are still have their cafeterias running on traditional vendor management methods.

Employees are forced to stand in a centralized cash counter to collect the meal coupons by wasting crucial working hours waiting in long queues. For the vendors handling cash thereby increasing the risk of miscalculations and pilferage. Simple Payment provides a complete customized digital payment solution and automates the cafeteria by understanding the requirements and provides a sophisticated, hassle-free Cashless Payments Systems by integrating meal-type and menu items with payments.


Simple Payments provides customized contactless payment solutions for the Hospital which has a retail infrastructure for payment by providing closed-loop patient cards. We make the process hassle-free across all the stakeholders so that they are free to create the patient-centric healthcare services.

Patients and their attendants would procure a pre-paid cash card of a specified value. The card would be tapped at different places such as laboratories, x rays, pharmacy, blood bank, and canteen, etc. The amount for the service would be debited to the card after each transaction. After completion of all transactions, a consolidated statement of expenditure incurred would be provided to the cardholder.

Unspent amounts, if any, would be refunded to the cardholder at the time of surrender of the card.


Simple Payments aims to digitalize the current financial system of educational Institution campus. It provided cash-free campuses by enabling the institute, parent & students to pay /receive fees & miscellaneous digital payments by integrating a student wallet in their ID cards and provides a card loading options for the parents through a payment gateway.

We are updated with the latest technology which proves beneficial for the institute, parent, and student in reducing costs, advancing in technology, and manage data smartly. This card enables the student to build a sense of responsibility towards financial literacy.


Simple Payments provides consumer cards for assigned network of retail establishments to avail the benefit of closed loop payment solution within the supply chain. Since the cards are used within the retail network there is no spillage and there is transparency of spends.

We offer pre-loaded loyalty cards for retail establishments to increase their footfall during festivities. Option of customised cards, thereby enhancing the brand awareness of the Retail Establishment. This card can also be enabled to earn reward points to the Cardholders based on the terms and conditions of the Retail Establishment.

Unspent amounts, if any, would be refunded to the cardholder at the time of surrender of the card.


Simple Payment provides highly privilege Guest Cards for Hotels and Clubs and Resorts which carry a strong local flavour not only in its branding but also has offers in line with local festivals and events, Business landscape, and cycles. The value offered in the Cards will be used for enjoying the services at a particular Hotel as well as potential flash value outside of the property based on management requirements.

The key deliverables from the technology supporting the program shall be, ease of use across the points of service, and secure Independent operations without any dependence on the Hotel's secured IT system. The process should be easy to implement, run, and obtain pre-agreed reports as per the requirements and schedule by dash broad access.

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